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Nova 5 Novapave

Nova 5 Novapave


A protective water-based, anti-fungal, hard surface sealer for porous surfaces. Prevents penetration of waxes, oils, grease and fats. Preserves the natural colour of the surface being sealed and dries to a clear finish. It is UV resistant and does not yellow with age.

Suitable For Use On:
• Exterior surfaces e.g. concrete, porous bricks and unglazed tile floor surfaces
• Can be used on interior surfaces.

Not Suitable For Use On:
• Pool surrounds, as surfaces coated may become slippery when wet

Finish                   : Sheen
Drying Time         : ±3-5 hours
Re-coating Time   : ±2-3 hours
Spread Rate         : 7-10m²/lt
Clean Up              : Nova 11 Brush Cleaner & Degreaser

• Nova 5 Novapave Application Video